Podcast Interview: Performance Anxiety

Jay Reifel Discusses Edible History, Chopped, Beating Bobby Flay, Whipped Cream Guilt, & More

August 10, 2021

I invited a chef to be my guest this week. His name is Jay Reifel and he just beat Bobby Flay! With a mincemeat pie. And that’s why I reached out. His supper club, Edible History, takes recipes from ancient manuscripts and recreates them to give diners a literal taste of history. But he didn’t start out as a chef. We talk about his early life, somehow dual enrolling in high school & college and finding an interesting loophole; writing movies in LA; and eventually leaving to bake bread in the midwest.

We also discuss how bread is like puppies, whipped cream guilt, ordering herbs from witches, and a whole lot more. Jay gives us a little behind the scenes peek at how cooking competitions are created, as he has been on both Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay.