Article: Saveur

The Challenges of Baking at Sea

December 12, 2019

Baghdad culinary history

At the Museum of Food and Drink earlier this year, Edible History duo Victoria Flexner and Jay Reifel prepared a 16th century “First Mate’s Cod Pie” for their Secrets of the Trade Winds dinner. According to Reifel, this isn’t the kind of pie you’d find served in a roadside diner, but rather a savory dish cooked in an inedible, reusable crust known as a coffin. “It’s made often with nothing other than flour and water and actually took the place of the cooking vessel,” he said. “Another advantage of these is that they sealed and preserved the contents and, because of the thick walls, often cooked the contents quite gently.”

Food image © 2023 Lucy Schaeffer Photography, Inc.