Article: The New Yorker

An Actual Dinner Party Inspired by Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party”

August 21, 2018

The pair picked four women out of the thirty-nine originally featured in Chicago’s work and concocted a meal showcasing items from each of the periods in which the women lived. The trickiest part proved to be finding recipes from the relevant eras. “We would have loved to have the Primordial Goddess,” Reifel said, “but it’s anyone’s guess what she ate.”

The standout dish of the night was courtesy of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen Consort of France and later England, and appropriately named the Helmeted Cock. A whole roasted suckling pig, splayed on all fours, was wheeled out; a bird, painted in edible silver, was riding the pig, with a gilded-paper lance in one tightly gripped claw, as if out to battle.

Image © Suzanne DeChillo / NYT / Redux